Mohammad Nik born in Iran, Tehran in 1984.
Started his career in arts at the age of 10 by painting. soon after he became interested in Iranian Folk music and started to take Setar lessons under various maestros including, maestro Jalal Zolfonun. after a while he got introduced to Metal music and started to listen to the genre. the bands which had the greatest impact on him at the time were: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Kreator, Death and Tool. with alot of hardship he finally managed to get ahold of a bass guitar and started learning how to play by self-studying. during this time he also took some lessons and tips from Arash Jamali about electric and bass guitar.
2000s were the time when he started to play Death and Thrash metal constantly and produced a number of singles, some which were released at the time and some which stayed unreleased to this day. other than making and releasing music, he is a bass guitar tutor and has been teaching bass to students all over Iran.

Qaziso-Musical Artist – born in 2003
•Begin to learn the basics of music at the age of 5
•Learning the piano instrument at the age of 10 with Firouze Vahedi
•Participating in singing and singing masterclasses with Firouze Vahedi
•Beginning of learning the basics of solfege and singing at the age of 11
•Obtaining a certificate of acceptance and completing the advanced-level piano and pop singing course in 2016
•Learning the guitar instrument self-taught
Attending as a singer in the women’s concert of Farnoosh jazz-pop group in Niavaran
•Participation in the album “Lest” as a singer by the effort and production of Mr Babak Sharifi Majd
(Lest album contains 8 tracks and is accessible on all music platforms)
•Participation in the project “Migorizi” produced by Ashkan Khatibi.

Amir started music at the age of 8 by playing the keyboard and piano under the supervision of Afshin Rabetian. After a few years, he became interested in Guitar and started learning classical guitar for a while with Master Siamak Valaei. In 2002, he formed a guitar duet group called AB with his friend Behnam Gholamhosseini and played folk and classical music. After becoming interested in rock music, he started playing electric guitar for a while by himself and finally under the supervision of master Farshid Arabi. In the same years, he simultaneously started composing and some unreleased pieces were the result of his work. Later, he collaborated with musicians and bands such as Mohammad Nik, Owlets and RUK in some live performances, he is currently practicing with “Nik Band”.

Mohammad Mahdi Arjamandi Nejad
Nick name:Metti Arjmand
Born in November 2001 Bachelor of Rhythm Theory from Tehran Conservatory
started playing music in 2015 with the traditional Iranian percussion instrument (daf) under the supervision of Hossein Rezaeinia and other percussion instruments such as cajon, conga, djembe, darbuka, bingo bango, under the supervision of Homayun Nasiri.
Also learning piano under Faraz Khosravi Danesh and drum training under the supervision of Roozbe Fadavi and Ali Faraz.
Participating in Rebrio rhythm masterclasses in England Learning Indian tabla instrument under the supervision of Darshan Anand Playing in more than 400 nights of live performances in traditional music styles, flamenco, electronic fusion, jazz, metal, death metal, in Iran and abroad.

Mehdi MohammadGhorbanian
Born on 1986
Bachelor of Business Management
Started learning music on 2003 with Tombak
Started to learn Kamancheh on 2007 with Master Mehrdad Nasehi
Went to Master Ardeshir Kamkar classes for one year on 2011-2012
Went to Master Shervin Mohajer classes for one year on 2019-2020
Played Kamancheh in several Iranian traditional music bands such as Behava, Shahoo Orchestra, Miratra Orchestra
Roosta Orchestra…
Performed a few concerts with them and participated in some records.